The Orgasmic Chef

How to Follow a Recipe

Many of you know that Jacques Pepin is my hero chef and has been since he was a chef for John F Kennedy in the White House. It might be that I’ve never failed following his advice and I just love his accent.

He’s taught me how to prepare apples for pies, how to chop garlic, how to make a tarte tatin without burning my fingers and he’s done it all with his characteristic smile and twinkle in his eye. He taught me that the best knife you can use is a sharp one.

I saw this video on Facebook on Jamie Schler’s page. Everyone who cooks should read what Jacques has to say about following a recipe exactly. If you’re not a great cook, this advice will change that. It makes sense of every failed recipe you’ve ever cooked – exactly like the recipe stated.


Went to play with the dog and guess what I found on top of the dryer?  Lucy.

I plan to have a very good new year with lots and lots of great food. My troubles getting around haven’t improved but maybe with more doctoring and maybe more surgerying, I’ll be good as new one day soon.

Happy New Year everyone and let’s expect good things to happen to us this year. We get what we focus on and expect and I’ve been focusing and expecting.