The Orgasmic Chef

In My Kitchen, April 2016

I’ve spent most of the month of March waiting. Only five more days until we try the medial branch blocks on my back. Hopefully then we’ll have more to talk about in my kitchen. I’ve been eyeing the bread that Sally from Bewitching Kitchen makes and the other day I saw a video on ChefSteps about sourdough bread and it called for diastatic malt.

With the interwebs, there’s nothing that cannot be found and after I found it, I saw they had these nice proving baskets that will leave the swirly marks on the bread. I couldn’t decide if I wanted a skinny loaf or a round one so I bought them both.

I also bought a lame to make better slashes on my bread. To be honest, I’ve never been unhappy with my slashes but I didn’t own a lame.

Since I haven’t been able to do much while waiting for the procedure to be done on my back, I’ve made a lot of kitchen dishcloths. I don’t know if I mentioned it before but dishcloths that you’re used to using are not sold in Australia other than occasionally in a discount shop and the quality is poor. Most people buy those disposable cloths but I don’t like them.

I haven’t finished tucking in the ends or blocking them to be square. Mostly I sit on the sofa and knit.  I’ve given some away and I caught one in the garbage disposal yesterday and it’s a little worse for wear. That’s what happens when you don’t pay attention.

Finally, my Charlie is all healed and ready to be clipped so all his furs are the same length. I photographed him on his good side. He looks a bit scruffy because his best friend in the whole world was here today (the pool man) and before I could catch him, Chucko was swimming the length of the pool chasing his toy. The pool guy doesn’t seem to mind but I brought the dog in so he could get his work done. He fished out 3 toys that had drowned.

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Hopefully next month I’ll be fighting fit. If not, I’ll be scheduling back surgery because I’m determined to get over this. I’ve missed you.