The Orgasmic Chef

In My Kitchen, June 2016

Sadly, there’s almost nothing in my kitchen for June. My back is healing but because of my inability to follow the rules, I’ve caused a few problems for myself and that led to a bit of what my dad would call the ‘can’t help its’ or being down in the dumps. I’m bored shitless and I go from walking to lying down. Sitting is at a bare minimum – meals and the toilet.

I saw the surgeon on Thursday and he’s happy with my progress but says the nerves were so compressed it could take months for the pain to go away. I still have no pain in my legs but I still have the occasional electric shock from not yet healed nerves.

I apologize for my disappearance but it will have to continue for a bit. I can’t risk all the money I’ve spent and not have a good outcome. So, June will be the last In My Kitchen for a couple of months. If Celia wants to restart, I’ll let you know, otherwise September will be the next In My Kitchen. You’ll have plenty of nifty things saved up by then.

Remember when Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial showed us her bun stamps ages ago? I couldn’t find any locally and then I saw them online from China with free delivery for under $4. I haven’t tried it yet. Kneading is still off the allowable list. I’ve wanted polycarbonate chocolate moulds for a long time and I got these two as a gift. Mini peanut butter cups will be available at my house one day soon. The other mould is wafer sized and I’m not sure what to do with that one. I got this little tool to make a watermelon basket. It’s a common Asian tool but hard to find around here. I tried LorAnn oils in the past and I really like the flavors so I spoiled myself and bought several. Not sure what I’m going to do with them yet but it’s nice to know they’re in the drawer. I took a cake decorating class a couple of years ago and I learned to make gum paste flowers but the tools to shape the petals were plastic. The lady next to me had these nifty metal ones that are heavy and her flowers looked better than mine. I found them online for $5.47, free shipping. As I share my photo of my second best friend Charlie, I can’t help but think of Sally from Bewitching Kitchen who lost her 2nd best friend Chief this week. Yes, he was old but he was so full of love for Sally and Phil. They are brokenhearted and I wish I could bring over a cake or a bowl of stew.

Charlie is fine. He quite likes having mummy going walking or lying down. I can’t use the leash yet so we have to go to the park where he can run free. As if that would bother him. In five minutes he can read every tree’s peemail and leave a reply. He needs a haircut in the worst way but you can tell he’s got a wagger! If you’d like to be linked here with your own In My Kitchen post, just leave the link in the comments before the 10th of the month. After June, the next In My Kitchen will be September.